About Myself

About Myself

I was of a religious bent of mind and a peace loving child from my early childhood, altogether different from my family. I used to sing and dance before the image of lord Krishna like Meera. Fully absorbed in myself, I could see God in nature. I have always found my soul, my teacher and Guru. I have always listened; what my “Atma”, has said

I am a self realized person.An event occured in my life The question arose who am I ?and for what I am born?And discovered the Truth of Life through the spiritual means of meditation and self analysis. I have expressed my thoughts and feelings in my videos which I experienced after self realization.

The truth of life which I came to know, seem to apply almost with every human being and I want that every body should know it and act accordingly.  And I want to share it with every human being.


Though I came to know the truth 30 years ago; why did I not try to spread it, at that time? I explained it to my near and dear ones but there is a proper time for every noble deed. I never sat idle during such a long period. I was always longing to find out more truths of life. The search is still on, because there is no end to knowledge.

In my words-“Atma is just like an Atom, and exists ubiquitously in the cosmos. This Atom, however, imbibes peculiar qualities, most prominent of them being that of a storehouse. It stores every action, deed, karma as well as Samskara, because of its inherent trait of being immortal, and carries with it all these properties into next life after death”. ” Matter, can neither be created nor destroyed. It exists as various forms of energy in the universe”, as quoted by Einstein.

There is nothing as such that the God is sitting in the heaven and awarding us for our good deeds or punishing according to our bad deeds. We are awarded or punished according to our own “Karmas”. It is all scientific. “Every action has a re-action” ; the science says suppose if you are making an echo in a big hall, it will come back to you in same manner. The same applies with the karma theory.

To understand in a simpler way, if you have enemity with some one it will be stored in your Atma and it will manifest itself in your next life when you come across with each other. Similarly if you are deeply in love with your partner, it will be stored in your inner self and it will manifest itself when you meet in the next life. It depends how deep you go into your innerself. This is the theory of karma.

Human being is the highest creation of God. ” Manushya yoni can distinguish what is good or what is bad? But the other yonies are bhog yonies. We can attain the Sampurna “Brahm”; in the ” Manushya yoni, only. That is why it is called the highest creation of all beings.

“Aham Brahmasmi” Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita means “Mai Hi Brahm Hun”. Means my soul is Brahm. When a person moves towards perfection and lives not only for himself but for the welfare of the society and mankind he is considered to be a Godly man. All Godly men in the past were human beings. They gave their lives for the good of the man-kind and thus they were worshiped.

“Aham Brahamasmi” mai hi Brahm hoon, to elaborate, it means “my soul is Brahm”, I am the performer of all deeds, actions and Karma. Atma is the doer of all karmas and actions, Actions may be good or bad. Atma lives in the body and as long as it is in the body a person is alive. When Atma leaves the body the person is dead.

All Godly men in the past spent their lives in search of “The Truth of Life”. From time to time as they came to know the “Truth” they made the society aware of the same so that they could live a happy and peaceful life. There are so many mysteries of life yet to be solved. We are un-happy and sad as long as we are un-aware of a thing. As soon as we come to know the truth of the thing the un-happiness goes. It means “Aggyan” (ignorance) is the root cause of all the miseries.

Gallery Amrapali, an organization dedicated to uplift the talented non-privileged through the media of arts and crafts in the year 1977 was established by me. Started with a humble beginning, the organization under my guidance and direction produced a number of unskilled labour in Batik Painting, making them capable in earning their own livelihood under the : Earn while you learn, scheme

We are the creation of Nature. Nature has given us a scientific structure of our body. We are
science in itself. Our physical adaptation of our body has three branches :-

  1. Adi Bhautic: which includes our body, animals, trees, plants, etc.
  2. Adi Daivic: which includes nakshatras, planets, the moon and the stars. and,
  3. Adhyatmic: which includes spiritual science.

To study human body and its well being we have to go through these three branches.

The second branch relates to Jyotish because the planets, stars, moon are very far away from us so it is difficult to watch their movement and moreover the experiments have not been done in this field. If adequate funding is made available for experiments in this branch of science, extraordinary results can be obtained. The society can be benefited by this science tremendously.

Aadhyatmic means related to inner self. Experts in this branch have given us a great deal of knowledge of human body’s inner and outer self.

Earlier it was believed incorrectly that the sun revolved around the earth, and only with dedicated effort and experimentation was the misconception removed. Even Sir Isaac Newton was made fun of initially who proposed his theory of gravitational force which was only proven by him after dedicated and detailed experimentation. In a similar manner, current day’s astrologers, homeopaths, Ayurvedic experts and others in allied scientific lines should not just be condemned or made fun of, rather, they should be supported by adequate encouragement and requisite funding (even if by the state) to be able to conduct relevant experiments to propound their beliefs so that these fields could be expanded and developed further. This holds great future for ancient sciences of India. Only a motivated political will is required.

As far as the bodily diagnostic and remedial paths are concerned, they are all interconnected with each other and they have given some benefits to society by giving their contribution. These paths are Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Biochemy, Unani and Naturopathy. They have given good results in their respective fields but barring Allopathy, all other branches require requisite funds for experimentation. If they could have this, they can give incredibly beneficial results.

This is my belief.

Truth of life for the welfare of the society.

Every human being is born with three qualities (Guna)

  1. Rajo Guna
  2. Tamo Guna
  3. Sato Guna

Nature was created based on these three qualities. These qualities are present in all the creatures in some proportion but each individual has any one quality most prevalent that governs his character and it becomes his nature. Every individual desires according to his nature.

Rajo Guna governed people are greedy to power and wealth, Tamo Guna governed people are lazy who seek physical and carnal pleasure and Sato Guna governed people are the best. They are innocent and honest.

These days quite often it is seen that very small kids, school going girls, young and middle aged women are being gang raped, even the Nuns are not spared. These crimes are committed by the Tamo Guna governed people.
There is a mis conception in the society about it. But the Truth is that “Sex is a natural instinct and biological need of a body. There is no need of any opposite sex for its satisfaction. It can be satisfied by it self.” Husband and wife should meet either when they are equally interested or they want to give birth to a child.
This act forcibly done is a rape for both the parties.

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    When these basic five elements are present in a body in a balanced state the person is healthy with full of life and when these elements are in an imbalance state a person is unwell and sick. And when these five elements are drastically in an imbalance state The death occurs.
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  • The matter can neither be created nor be destroyed,science says. It exists as various forms of energy. Soul never dies but change its form.
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  • Mystery of God solved. Truth of life for the welfare of the society. Atma is just like an Atom. It stores all deeds to next life after death.
  • Om, Allah and God are the names of the purest Atma. These names are given by the different saints at different times. Atma is God. Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed but changes its form Similarly Atma changes its form after death. Atma is just like an Atom. It stores all deeds to next life after death. It is the truth of life for the welfare of the society.
  • युदध एक अभिशाप है और शांति अमृत !यू ट्यूब मे पंडित बेतवा जी की भविष्य वाणी से (भारत पाक युदध ) विश्व युदध के संकेत मिलते हैं जो विश्व व मानवता के लिये शुभ नहीं है । परमाणु युदध होने पर सब कुछ समाप्त हो जाये गा । इस धरती पर जब से जीवन का प्रादुर्भाव हुआ है और अब तक जितनी प्रगति हुई है सब नष्ट हो जाये गी । आने वाली पीढ़ियों को इस के दुष्परिणाम झेलने पड़ें गे ।यह युदध आतंकवाद की समाप्ति के लिये हो रहा है जिस मे मुख्य भूमिका प्रधान मंत्री नवाज़ शरीफ़ जी की है । मै उन से गुज़ारिश करूँ गी कि अपनी ज़िद छोड़ दें,और विश्व शांति प्रयासों मे अपना योग दान दें इस से उन का नाम रौशन होगा और वह युगों तक याद किये जायेंगे । शायद वो यह नहीं जानते कि उन्हें और हम सब को दोबारा इसी धरती पर जन्म लेना है । यह मालूम नहीं किस रूप मे,देश मे,घर मे और परिवार मे । तब क्यों न इस धरती को ही इतना सुन्दर बना लें जहाँ जीवन सरल, सुगम,शांति पूर्ण और प्रेम मय हो जाये । घृणा ,जलन,नफ़रत और ऊँच नीच के लिये कोई स्थान न हो ।